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ComfortPro - Water Heaters/ Tankless Water Heaters


At ComfortPro we understand the importance hot water plays in your family’s daily routine. That’s why when your water heater malfunctions it is crucial you have your system checked by the experts at ComfortPro to ensure your hot water is returned in no time!


If you are looking to get a new water heater installed look no further! At ComfortPro our technicians are trained to provide expert service ensuring your new system is installed correctly. When selecting a new water heater it is important to weigh your options, here at ComfortPro we recommend installing a tankless water heater.


Once your new water heater is installed it is important you keep it regularly maintained in order to avoid costly emergency repairs in the future. ComfortPro provides yearly maintenance making sure your family nevers go without hot water.

Are you tired of being the last one to shower in your family and there is never any hot water? Say no more to cold showers! The primary function of a water heater is to take cold water and heat it to a desired temperature. A tankless water heater instantly heats water as it flows through the tank giving your family continuous flow of hot water. There are a variety of water heater types to choose from, and the experts at ComfortPro are here to recommend the best option for you and your family.

Benefits of a Tankless System:

Making the decision to invest in a tankless water system now will save you money in the future. A significant amount of your home’s energy comes from heating water. A tankless water heater offers your family an endless supply of hot water and therefore saves you money on energy bills. Call today to learn why you should make the switch to a tankless water heater!

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