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Top Ten Signs Your Furnace Needs Repaired

As the temperature drops and the days get colder your furnace becomes a critical part of keeping your family warm and comfortable. Like all HVAC systems, your furnace can break down if it’s not properly maintained. Neglecting routine maintenance on your furnace can lead to costly emergency repairs in the future, leaving your family without heat.

Here at ComfortPro we care about the comfort of your family and want you to stay warm this winter season. The best way to avoid an emergency repair is to understand the signs that your furnace needs some extra attention. If your HVAC system exhibits any of these signs, contact the HVAC professionals at ComfortPro. We are highly trained and able to address any issues you may encounter with your furnace. We are also available 24/7 for emergency repair service.

Here are some top signs your furnace needs to be repaired:

1. Inconsistent Heating
If you begin to notice that certain areas of your home are receiving more heat than others, this could be due to an issue with your furnace. This isn’t just inconvenient, it can cost you on your energy bill or possibly lead to more costly repairs. To avoid this, you need to have your furnace professionally diagnosed.

2. Unusual Noises
Unusual sounds coming from any HVAC system is never a good sign. These noises coming from your furnace could be due to a malfunctioning blower motor or a problem with the ductwork.

3. Increased Energy Bill
If you notice an increase in your monthly energy bill this could be due to a malfunctioning furnace. When there is a problem with your furnace it will consume more energy than normal causing a spike in your heating bills.

4. Frequent Cycling
If your furnace is continuing to turn on and off, this could be a cause for concern. This cycling causes additional strain on your system and could lead to premature wear and tear.

5. Yellow Pilot Light
A furnace that is working properly will display a blue pilot light indicating that gas is burning as it should. If you are seeing a yellow pilot light that could be indicating that there is a carbon monoxide leak. Please call the professionals at ComfortPro right away to diagnose this problem.

6. Odd Odors
If you are noticing a strange smell originating from your furnace, this could be due to a variety of causes, from a dirty filter to a potential gas leak.

7. Age
A common cause to your furnace needing repaired is the age of your system. A typical lifespan of a furnace is around 15-25 years. If your furnace is around that age or older, contact ComfortPro for an inspection to be sure your furnace is still safe to keep using. With the efficiency and effectiveness of new systems, sometime a furnace replacement is the smart choice. We can help you make the decision. To discuss a possible replacement and avoid an emergency breakdown of your system, call ComfortPro for your inspection.

8. Water Leaks
A common cause of a furnace leak is water condensation. If your furnace has been turning on and off or you begin to notice water circulating around your system, then you may have a leak. Leaks in your system should be checked right away. 

9. Rust or Cracks
Rust can be a common sign of moisture issues and cracks can potentially compromise the efficiency and safety of your system.

10. Frequent Repairs
If you find yourself recognizing a lot of the signs mentioned above and you are frequently calling for repairs, then this could indicate you need to have your current furnace replaced. ComfortPro provides free in-home consultations, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all installations.

If you experience any of the signs mentioned in this article, then it is imperative that you call the highly trained HVAC technicians at ComfortPro, and have the problem professionally diagnosed.

The best way to avoid these issues and emergency repairs is by signing up for ComfortPro’s Service Agreement. Preventative maintenance on your HVAC system is the best way to stay prepared this winter and ensure that your home stays heated. Don’t wait until it’s too late, call ComfortPro today and let us help you stay warm this season!